Check the Date

When was your coffee roasted?

Many people view coffee as a non-perishable food item so they don’t give much thought to when it was roasted. Coffee, however, is very perishable! It is a very complex “seed” containing thousands of natural chemicals. The flavor of the coffee is a result of the chemical processes that happen during and after roasting.

Two days; two weeks

Coffee needs to season for about two days after it is roasted. During that time, the beans release CO2 which enhances the flavor. After two days, coffee is at its best and the acidity is at its lowest. As roasted coffee ages, the acidity increases due to the ongoing chemical changes. You’ll get the best tasting cup from coffee that was roasted within the last two days to two weeks.

Freeze or refrigerate?

Neither! Roasted coffee has three natural enemies—air, light, and moisture. Freezing or refrigerating coffee (regardless of the packaging) exposes it to moisture and, therefore, negatively affects the taste. Coffee should be stored in dark, cool, dry places in air-tight containers or in containers that don’t allow in light.

Stocking up is a bad idea

Most consumers believe purchasing things in large quantities is best. That’s true for many items, but not for perishable foods that have a limited shelf-life. Think about coffee like bananas. You wouldn’t buy a month’s supply of bananas hoping they’d last. The same is true about coffee. If you want great tasting coffee at home, buy what you need for a week and make sure it was roasted in the past few days.

fcc_bag_labelCheck the date

Coffee roasters are not required to provide the roasting date. Coffee in grocery stores and large coffee chains probably was roasted months earlier. It takes a while for coffee to make its way through the roasting, packaging, shipping, and stocking process. There is a reason you can’t find the roasting date!

The Franklin Coffee Company Difference

At Franklin Coffee Company, we hand write the roasting date on the front label. That’s our label in the image. All online orders are roasted after we receive the orders. We work with local retailers to make sure the coffee available in their stores is fresh by swapping out any unsold bags and replacing them with freshly roasted beans every week. No matter where you are, we want you to have excellent coffee experiences.

Brew School is coming!

Once you have great beans, you need to know how to brew great coffee at home. Our free online tutorials will introduce you to some of our favorite methods and give you links to the tools you’ll need.

You don’t have to leave home to get a great cup of coffee!

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