Our Story

vertical_franklin-coffeeI don’t remember when I started drinking coffee. I just know it has been a part of my life for a long time. My wife and I enjoy visiting coffee shops, attending coffee classes, and sipping coffee in the comfort of our home. We have visited some awesome coffee shops in places like Chicago, Seattle, Canada, Cape Cod, and our hometown—Franklin, Tennessee and the Nashville area.

Around 2001, I read an article about home coffee roasting. I began researching what was involved and eventually purchased my first home roaster. It had a very small capacity and I learned very quickly that coffee roasting is more difficult than it appears. I ruined a lot of coffee, but in the process started learning more and more about the art of coffee roasting.

I burned up that first roaster and a few more after that. I started having conversations with roasters and discovered that the fraternity of roasters is very gracious and supportive. The years went by and I began talking about “one day” starting my own roasting company. “One day” never came.

A couple of years ago, we relocated to Franklin, Tennessee, “America’s Favorite Main Street.” This town was the site of one of the most deadly battles of the Civil War. Rooted in history and energized by a vibrant creative atmosphere, Franklin is the perfect place for a creative roasting business.

I have great respect for the other coffee roasters in this area. I love their coffee and schedule all of my meetings in their shops. Franklin Coffee Company isn’t in competition with them. We don’t have a brick and mortar store; we sell our coffee online and in a few local retailers.

Less Acid, Smooth Flavor

Most coffee is roasted in metal drums. As heat transfers from the drum to the beans through conduction, hydrogen sulfide forms. When brewed, hydrogen sulfide becomes sulfuric acid. That’s why coffee—especially coffee that was roasted a while back—is acidic.

At Franklin Coffee Company, we use a different roasting method. Rather than roasting through conduction, our coffee is roasted by convection (hot air) and doesn’t have as much hydrogen sulfide. Because we roast when you order, the smoothness of the cup is enhanced. Our coffee has less acid than most other coffee.

We Roast After You Order

We want you to have the best coffee possible. So, when you order your coffee, we’ll roast it and ship it the next business day. Because coffee needs about 48 hours after roasting to season, the shipping time is beneficial. When your coffee arrives, it will be at its best.

Small Batch, Artisan Roasted

Most commercial roasters can handle batches of 20 pounds or more. Those machines are huge and very impressive. Our machine roasts smaller amounts. We pay attention to the details, screen the coffee for any beans that are over-roasted or under-roasted, and write your label by hand. Coffee roasting is an art that we take seriously.

What’s Ahead?

Honestly, we were surprised there wasn’t already a company with this name. We jumped on it quickly because we know people who love Franklin’s uniqueness will love a unique coffee. We are working with a couple of local retailers so our coffee will be available for people wanting to take home a consumable souvenir. We also offer a local mobile coffee bar where we brew the coffee with Kalita Waves into Mason jars. This pour over method delivers an awesome cup of coffee.

We plan to produce some tutorials that will help you learn how to brew coffee shop quality coffee in your home.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. We hope to serve you well in the days and years ahead!